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BETA Conference Extras

Thanks for coming to the BETA Conference Oruru 2017!

Below you will find some extras and links for additional materials that go along with the seminars from the conference!


Pronunciation Materials

Explaining mouth position with challenging English Sounds            Pronouncing-pdf

Rhythm And Sentence Stress                                                                  Link

Rhythm of English Youtube Vid                                                              Link

Word Stress Rules                                                                                     Link

Cambridge site to hear any word pronounced                                    Link

Pronunciation Powerpoint from the Workshop                                   Pronunciation-presentatation

10 English Pronunciation Errors by Spanish Speakers                        Link

How to Teach Pronunciation.  Kelly, Gerald.                                        Full Text PDF

Busy Teachers Pronunciation App Recommendations                      Link

Remember your homework!  Make mistakes, be aware of your pronunciation issues and then use some of the approaches we learned to help communicate effectively and clearly in English!


Observation and Feedback Materials

How not to Give Feedback Video                                                              Youtube Link

Feedback Handouts                                                                                    Download PDF

Observation Strategies Handout                                                               Download PDF

Blank Intesol Observation Paperwork                                                      Download Word Doc

Guided Intesol Observation Paperwork                                               Download Word Doc

The New Teacher Project, Teacher Observation Tool                            Download PDF

The teachers you observe aren’t the only ones that can improve! Don’t forget to ask for feedback on your feedback!


Don’t forget, BETA Conference Participants are entitled to a huge discount off both our intensive and mixed mode courses.  The original cost of $1500 USD is being cut by almost half to $800 USD for those who register by the end of the week!


Email me directly at for any additional information and to register!