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Living in Bolivia


The culturally rich city of La Paz is an ideal place to immerse oneself in the Spanish language and fascinating Bolivian culture. Paceños, or La Paz natives, are friendly and welcoming, and the city’s many festivals and local traditions promise the visitor an engaging experience.

Instituto Exclusivo, where you will take your course, is located in the central and lively neighborhood of Sopocachi, in an area considered both picturesque and modern, with many restaurants, bars, discos and parks.

IMG_3058_2As the world’s highest capital at 13,000 feet, La Paz is a unique and beautiful place from which to explore Bolivia’s diverse regions or relax in the comfortably temperate climate and affordable luxury of La Paz to learn Spanish from native speakers with one of the easiest accents for foreigners to understand and learn.  Being based in La Paz, it is easy to travel to a variety of different top tourist destinations in Bolivia. Lago Titicaca (World´s highest navigable lake), Rurrenabaque (Bolivian Amazon), Salar de Uyuni and Tarija are just a few of the top destinations you can visit while based in La Paz.

One of the best things about La Paz is its easy access to a mind-boggling array of landscape and geography.  You can reach the Cordillera Real mountain range and be up at 5000+ meters within an hour.  There are treks for all levels of fitness as well as mountaineering and extreme climbing for the more adventurous. Not to mention the opportunities for photography enthusiasts.


As you cross over the Cordillera, you drop 4000m in a matter of 80kms and land in the tropical jungle called Las Yungas.  Here you will find an astonishing variety of flora and fauna as well as waterfalls, cocoa and coca farms as well as the birthplace of local AfroBolivioano ‘Saya’ music.  Many choose to take a mountain bike down this 4000m decent along the infamous ‘Death Road’.

La Paz city itself is a vibrant mix of modern and tradition elements.  Sprawling markets dotted with street food meet colonial architecture just next to chic new restaurants.  No matter your interest, La Paz will provide you plenty to explore, learn and discover.

Accommodation Options


Stay with a local Bolivian family and practice Spanish while completing your TESOL course. Here you will have your own private room, but likely share a bathroom. Please contact us for further information and availability. All are within walking distance to the school. Price: $300 USD per month including breakfast.

Shared Apartment

We have options in both 2 or 3 bedroom apartments where you would have your own bedroom but share a bathroom and the rest of the common areas. The apartments are fully furnished so you won’t need to bring anything with you. The cost is between $180-300 USD depending on the room available and they are between a 5 to 20-minute walk from the school.


Options available from $10 USD per night but please check with us for more information and availability.