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We have had trainees come from all over the world to take the Intesol Bolivia course.  Get their certificate and head right back out into the world and their new ESL careers.

Here are some words from our past students about the program!  If you wish to speak to one of them directly, send us an email and we can put you in touch!


“I enrolled in the 190 hour TESOL course at Instituto Exclusivo in March 2016 because I always enjoyed studying English and wanted to pass on this passion now as a teacher.  Despite my being the only student at that time, the trainer, Colin, put his best effort into providing an interesting and meaningful course for me. After assessing my initial skills, we expanded on that and worked step by step on different topics such as Classroom Management, Lesson Planning, Behavior Management Techniques and Teaching Resources. This strengthened my understanding of student’s needs and how to best meet them.

Getting your international TESOL Certification with a smileDue to the lack of fellow students, Colin took their parts as we practiced roleplays and class room situations. In doing so, he was always motivating me and providing important feedback regarding my teaching style and techniques. This prepared me well for my final task of teaching students from all levels and ages.  
This course was a very meaningful experience for me that gave me a better insight into teaching English and strengthened my will to pursue my goal of becoming an English teacher.”

  • Gabriela from Bolivia (now living and working in Japan)


“As an aspiring English teacher fresh out of college, I was worried about how my lack of experience would impact my ability to teach students here in La Paz, Bolivia. Taking the INTESOL course at Instituto Exclusivo not only taught me how to effectively teach English, but helped instill confidence that I could help students advance their English skills. The INTESOL course included several practicum teaching classes to help sharpen what I had learned in class and to identify weak spots in my instruction style before jumping into my job. My instructor supplied me with many resources to draw from for more dynamic and interesting lessons, as well as skills and ideas to forward my own career as an instructor. This 190-hour course is a solid base for anyone hoping to kickstart their experience as an English teacher.”

  • Mary from the USA (now organizing teaching abroad courses in China)

“I highly recommend the Intesol Bolivia program.  First and foremost, the teacher trainer, Colin, has lots of experience to share and the necessary abilities such as judging objectively. The course will help people become better and better if they put in the effort and are willing to listen, adapt and try out what they have learned in the program.   We are all humans and we make mistakes. Colin understands this and focuses on making improvements and developing throughout the experience. This is why this is a good TESOL program that I personally recommend.”

  • Franklin from Bolivia (now living and working in Japan)